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What am I about? Mystery, scale, imposing place. Check, check, check. it was a work trip for PBS. No time to myself- except to see the arch. Swelteringly humid and hot. I had been inspired by Joel Meyerowitz' book of the Eero Saarinen masterpiece monument delineating east from west overlooking the Mississippi River. Meyerowitz encircled the enormous parabola from great distances and captured it through slivers of viewpoints from all over St. Louis. My take was going to be close. Looking up at edifices is fraught with optical distortion but all the better as far as I was concerned. Imposing to say the least, with swaths of gleaming metallic surfaces, the teetering monstrosity was a compositional dream. Unfortunately, it was early days of digital and my crappy files got lost but these few prints are all I have left- and the photos of them not great- but you get the idea. Finding shape and confusing points-of-view of such an icon is my jam if you've read my other posts. The sweat was worth it, getting up close and personal with this gorgeous giant.

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