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Magic only happens to boy scouts because they are prepared. I'm not talking about flashlights. Preparation is a mental/emotional thing that opens the door of opportunity. When we are ready to receive the gift of something exceptional there is an attitude of openness and stillness required. I definitely notice my breath at times like this.

Obviously, I was presented with something extraordinary in this grove of California redwoods, among giants whose heads were in the clouds but with laser lights shooting through, every which way. But it was in the soft padding of feet and calm noticing that this rift in the universe became visible. It's hard because the event was so exciting and I didn't know how long it would last, and slow deliberation was not a natural thing. So I noticed my breath and started there. I slowed way down. It was only then that I could really "see". I had gotten some lovely shots up to now. I could easily have just kept moving to get back to waiting folks at the car. But I had to make myself stop and smell and become hyper aware and listen and wait. It was worth it.


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