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When it's time to earn with a camera, it's staggering how infinite the variables can be. You have to be prepared. One way to that is with previsualization. If it can work for athletes, why not for commercial photography? I will often lie with my eyes closed the night before a shoot and "see it" beforehand. It really helps, especially the more you know about the circumstances in advance. The shot below, with the pipe, was met with enthusiasm from the client, and it took two minutes. I knew we were meeting an engineer and he was bringing a piece of pipe. Because I had the idea the night before, it was just a matter of where, and boom, done. And below him was the facts & figures guy. That one was more about seeing the materials he had and putting him in context (the window revealed where we were). At the bottom is a naturopathic office where there is a sauna and I knew I wanted the inviting space inside to loom and invite us in. Previsualizing is critical!

NW Natural Engineer
NW Nat Engineer

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