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The notion of a wind-up clock is about as analog as you can get. I resisted digital for many years and although I still have and use film, I have fully embraced my digital friends. The first thing I did when I got a Canon S100 was to photograph myself from every angle my arm would allow. I threw them onto a montage sheet of self-portraits. It was completely freeing no longer being constricted by a roll of 36 ($8.00), $17.00 processing, and a multi-day lag time. So, it was possible to shoot away at will.

The immediacy of the technology gives instant feedback and discovery & mastery of the tool are greatly accelerated. These are tools for seeing and responding. I don't ascribe to the notion that film is somehow pure. It is a medium, with a look and a feeling. I have come to welcome the feeling I can achieve with a digital source.


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