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Little Things

I have been convalescing over the holidays after necessary but routine surgery-- with the attendant pain. It was a study in itself looking at pain and naming it, assigning a number to it, staying ahead of it. But the debilitation led to contemplation which ultimately was a kind of meditation. It also led to another examination of my work and one of the themes-- small things. How could a roll of paper towels on a shelf be worthy of anything? Or a towel, toy, brush, or shirt on a hanger get attention? The answer is simple.

In fact, simplicity is what I'm always looking for. I am constantly trying to distill a place or a time or an event to the simplest possible form. There is an aesthetic beauty to a record. Of course, it helps when there's light and color and detail. But when I see photographs like these I know what stillness lies in the heart of the taker.

It all goes back to the fundamentals.


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