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Know Thyself

This isn't just about photography. It's about challenging one's mind, one's preconceptions. The exercise involves looking with a camera, but the work is about not accepting what we think we know. It truly carries over to life. It's when we challenge ourselves that we get closer to truths. It's humbling. The tendency in our lives is to simplify, make tenets, categorize, and catalog what we believe. It's only natural. It's how we make sense of the world; how we survive. But too often these "truths" aren't. They're oversimplified or biased. So it's good to question them. I am not a parent but I watch my friends' kids call them on everything and it brings about reassessment. I like to do that with photographing. Look, challenge, experiment. The above shot of Zurich is 13 slot shots. It may or may not be successful but I keep pushing to see differently; question the old ways. Just undo it.

Picasa - IMG_2238.jpg
Facebook - Winter Solstice 2014 is in thirty minutes.jpg

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