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Sometimes it's impossible to avoid the iconic when visiting another place, particularly NYC. But what moves you, moves you. The canyons of Manhattan are so imposing, and almost limitless-- those slots of sky as far as you can see in one direction or another. So it's a sketch one does, sampling the feeling through a lens. The Brooklyn Bridge reminded me of one of the boulevards with the airy cables drawing the phantom buildings of the city. And reflected in the edifices another artwork illustrating the complexity and cacophony of it all. Even the wildlife will pose for you. But I love being a stranger in a new place. We see everything with such nakedness...things that are invisible to the natives. They say ships from the east, appearing off the coast of Oregon in the 17th century were invisible to the indigenous dwellers. They didn't have the tools to process the alien objects on the sea. Whether that's true doesn't matter. Upon landing in new places, the smallest details leave big impressions.

Have a camera ready.


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