November 7, 2012

With a pupil trained through a pentaprism, aimed at a scene, I ask myself: "Does this feel right?". Check.

I know this won't last, so, given what's happening, am I in the right spot? Not much time-- check.

Is this the aperture/shutter combo I need? Focus range right? Check. Check.

I love those beams shooting around either side of that tree-- that needs to divide the frame in half. Check.

Ok, edges of frame-- tree has space above & ample below, the sunlight along the ground has a little shadow in front, nice.

Is my horizon level? Check.

Is my white balance right? Check.

Is my ISO appropriate? Check.

Click. Good. But I want just a titch more detail in those shadows-- ok, click, perfect.

Gone. The light was gone.

The checklist isn't much different every time, no matter the subject.

Practice practice practice. It has to happen in a moment. Practice some more.


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