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Work To See or, Why We Shoot

I work to see, scrambling over and around, under and inside. Isolation and play to find spark is the goal. The everyday made into the exception is the challenge. Not that every attempt succeeds with aplomb. But it's in the trying and trying, looking and experimenting, that heals. Yes, I said heals. It is a trance. The older I get, the more I realize the importance of losing oneself in order to find oneself. It is Zen.

Poo poo it all you want. Quietly padding along with a frame and teasing the world from chaos into order and order into chaos stills the mind. Music can be trance. Writing, painting, invention-- are all activities that fulfill this basic need. But in order to invent, one must be completely open.

Make mistakes. Push envelopes. See what can happen.

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