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There's an app called The Best Camera is the One You Have With You- emphasis on "the one you have with you". Here's a few samples of "iPhotography". There is a spontaneity to many of them because it was a phone and not a camera in my hand. And some were caught because I always have the device on my person. Of course, I had Hipstamatic or Perfectly Clear or Photoshop Mobile or Tintype to apply effects as well. One needs to remain on guard from their use because it verges on gimmickry, but applied thoughtfully, they can become quite evocative and stirring.

Facebook - Ok, the second most photographed hound.jpg
Facebook - Untitled
Facebook - Sawtooths
Facebook - Winter Solstice 2014 is in thirty minutes.jpg
Facebook - Untitled
Facebook - Untitled
Facebook - Untitled
Facebook - Untitled
Facebook - Airplane toupee
Facebook - My first iPhone shot!
Facebook - Untitled
Facebook - Untitled

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