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Where Our Eyes Go

Attention is so automatic that it's hard to notice where our eyes go. As visual creatures, we learn to scan out of survival I think, diverting focus to movement

at potential threats. It's amusing to think I'm working so hard all the time at hunting for the anti-threat. I'm not necessarily on the lookout for beauty, which is subjective anyway, but I am watching out for photo traps-- attention getting points of view. I love to tweak viewers and startle them into noticing. I am NOT always successful at this. (And a note here-- this photo blog is a diary, not a lecture. I don't presume to know. I share what I've learned and espouse belief.) Regardless, I catch myself zeroing in on a focus point which is helped by receding line, and prefer when a certain resonance occurs because of weight between elements. That's as specific as I dare go. It is a dance between the general and the specific on this topic-- the subjective and objective.


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