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A Reason and a Question

I am always surprised. It's a surprise to have one's attention stolen; startling to be compelled to bring the lens to bear. But it's particularly surprising when the image is re-presented on the screen (I hardly see a print of it anymore, sadly). Quite often I won't know why I took it. And every time I look at a shot for the first time after taking it I remember the impulse behind pressing the shutter. But what really puzzles me is whether I saw all of those wonderful details at that moment? In this one, I know I liked the derelict facade and the Chinese laundry and the bags piled in the window. It is a place of storied use and a thickness of history. But the nagging question is- did I see her? Did I see the lady? She's looking at the bikes. This all happened in three seconds. I am deliberately writing this blog to survey the fifty thousand images I must have by now and every one has a reason and a question. Review your work!


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