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I am drawn to so many things photographically that I have tended not to try and name them all. Upon review, many themes emerge. Sometimes they are immediately identifiable, sometimes not.

There is usually a focus on something physical, the form or light or arrangement of elements, but it often surprises me to discover images I have taken that make me wonder why I took them in the first place. Enlarging often brings back the intention although it may have been something purely emotional. I realize through this review that I am drawn to stillness a lot. I was tantalized in a huge way to the still life work of Joel Meyerowitz in his Cape Light series. Of course,

it helps to be using an 8X10 view camera, but his sensitivity to "atmosphere" is sublime. In this photo, I was drawn to the light from the window through the shower curtain, but that clothespin and it's teeny point of tension set off the quietude of the scene.


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