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Placement and Accounts

Since this post is about mystery (again), I'll give it's a bowling ball used to play croquet with sledgehammers on the playa of the Alvord desert.

After the abuse of play, it looked like a planet resting on a celestially enormous desert. A bowling ball.

I have come to love placing objects in the frame in this manner. Weighted lower thirds, vertical orientation formal symmetry. Now, for you chaos freaks,

go ahead, get crazy. I like this recording approach where I am documenting chaos in the manner of a presentation.

For some reason, this theme has emerged in many of my works that didn't really present itself until I reviewed many pictures together. This is another aspect I love about photography. My psyche is at work without my conscious awareness and the process of framing and capturing manifests these underlying attractions. In a way, this phlogblog business has caused me to think about it more than I'd like, but it's long overdue to step back and consider what's happening and why, and to share it. Don't think too much, but take account once in a while.


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