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If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em.

Looking, looking, always looking. Breakfast at my friend Jrdn's. Cooking a big ol' slab of ham. For some reason I want a shot of that sizzling fry pan of meat. I go directly overhead, camera set to macro, snap. Steam. Damn. Wait a second...what's this? Can't quite make it out but yet, there's a clue...An excellent accident. The fogged lens. Usually, it's an immediate reject, but in this case another mystery. A conundrum from the most basic, the most common sight. Frying meat. And yet, it is transformed into another guessing game. Go with it.

This is a lesson from years of videography. You have a problem, maybe with the light or contrast? Not enough of it? Too flat? You can beat your head against the wall trying to solve it but it just won't fix. That's the time to step back, consider options, and then maybe use the problem to your advantage. This is the time when magic can definitely happen. Don't give up, use your head and pick a trick. Stash it away for next time. Keep a journal!

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