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On the Palouse of Eastern Washington, Aaron Copland was everywhere. But I was on the hunt: Maya Lin's Confluence sites along the Snake, Clearwater, and Columbia rivers.

Homesteads dotted the rolling farm hills of the Columbia watershed. The evidence of history fascinates me. As in the sides of ships, every rub mark or rotting timber is a story.

Once one sheds the seeming sadness in these places, the preciousness of them emerges.

And if you hold still and sense the place, it has lots to tell.

Life gives way to life and the circle goes around again. It's a privilege to visit any home and as a visitor, utmost respect is paid.

Sacajawea State Park is the home of The Confluence Project's Story Circles. This confluence- Columbia and Snake rivers, has been a meeting place for thousands of years.

Maya Lin has designed six sites that commemorate Lewis and Clark's "voyage of discovery".

Seven circles tell seven confluence stories.

I had to visit these sacred spaces and spend at least a dusk and a dawn at each one.

Chief Timothy Island is the site for a listening circle from carved granite stones. There is another presence palpable in the air here. I got very still just noticing.

The light had a quality I miss in the city.

Clearwater and Snake

The hands of Rudy Mendoza, stonecutter.

Rudy among his handiwork.

The shape of the installation of arcs is from a Nez Perce blessing ceremony in 2005.

Cape Disappointment

Lewis and Clark's point of arrival to the Pacific Ocean.

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