rings wrapped

Cranking up Williams Ave., I got sidetracked by a saran-wrapped cocoon. It was a new sculpture yet-to-be unveiled. The light was filtering through revealing the bicycle chainrings beneath. It was like a spider egg with a million cogs on the verge of birth. Hard metal rings encased in ephemeral silk were in a fragile stasis. I knew this was a moment about to change forever. A photo record must be made!


As I began to discover mirroring in a mobile app, the temptation to really explore subject matter was too much. From my own palm to flora and people, the results became quite compelling. As humans, we differentiate friend or foe as a survival instinct and consequently, we see faces in everything. Part of this is symmetry. The face is a matchbook. But symmetry is also unnatural in much of what we see so when it's there, we are drawn to it. More mystery- my favorite game!

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