Ancient Plant

It ought to interest anyone when the odd species is encountered and to document it just as it's found. In this instance a rare, high altitude bristlecone had entrenched itself among the scrubby foothills of Mt. Hood. It's startling how these hearty plants can thrive in some of the harshest conditions on earth.

A Walk

The day was square. It felt black & white. 1000 acres. A trail to a blind. A Maya Lin blind. What's here? Look and play is my motto.

Skew Lines

When moving through places that are not places, like parking garages, its all too easy to be mindless. But then something nags- enough to wake one up. It's these exceptions I try to train myself to be attuned to. When coincidence brings three or more elements together that inexplicably cooperate with each other and within a camera and its frame, I must strike. It isn't unrecognizable but it is confusing and for that reason interesting. These are the intangibles I try to accustom myself to. Had you noticed most of these things apply outside photography?

Newfound Tools

Looking through glass sometimes requires looking for different glass. Just as in finding the right violin, tools for expression can be filled with nuance that may not present immediately-- so rejection of a candidate very easily can be premature. And it applies to so many things in life. We may have eschewed exactly the tool or technique or spice too hastily. So keep a critical eye out and look for scintillas of possibilities--

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