Myth of Place

These are the places we want. They are intersections of light and shape. We know them upon entering and haven't the words to explain it. Something just sits right. This is what the hunt is about.

Making A Living

When it's time to earn with a camera, it's staggering how infinite the variables can be. You have to be prepared. One way to that is with previsualization. If it can work for athletes, why not for commercial photography? I will often lie with my eyes closed the night before a shoot and "see it" beforehand. It really helps, especially the more you know about the circumstances in advance. The shot below, with the pipe, was met with enthusiasm from the client, and it took two minutes. I knew we were meeting an engineer and he was bringing a piece of pipe. Because I had the idea the night before, it was just a matter of where, and boom, done. And below him was the facts & figures guy. That one w


The delicacy of image is often elusive, much dependent on technique, intuition, and persistence. It seems unlikely so much can go into the ultra simple. The detail- and anti-detail, are often good collaborators. But the other factor that involves the three above, is finding a story. Even if it's an eensy one. It makes all the difference, particularly in minimal subjects. These moments or events are what go beyond simple, albeit beautiful design. It might be irony, it might be evidence of something like trauma or accident, but it's this little extra element that pushes it past middling.


Spring. Every time. No more than 20 feet from the door are miracles. And it doesn't have to be spring although the rebirth that is March seldom disappoints in resurrecting one. I guess that's why Easter happens when it does. Or is that pagan? Keep looking!

Ice Sculpture?

Winged Victory? Ice sculpture? Drinking fountain. The last two days have been prolific. Many things to share. Must go. Here's my water volcano.

Getting Closer

In my constant attempts at obfuscation, I can't believe I have neglected the extension tube I've had in my kit and never put on my camera. The universe of the small has not been properly addressed. There's details out there! There's blur! But there are stories too. And they aren't necessarily tiny.


Here again, we pursue the un-pursuable. Magnetism, tropism, the Id, none explain why we find irresistible the oddities around us. The camera really does come in handy to take records of these flights of fancy. This heart model was a gift to a collector of all things cardio but in front of that bridge painting I felt something that I can't explain. It seems universal somehow. It'll percolate up at some other time I'm sure. I'll let you know.

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