Do-ah You Be-ah-lieve-ah?

Picking tricks. In television news, one is presented daily with locations of absolutely every ilk. How can I position this individual given this crappy bare wall, or bank of hideous florescent lights-- whatever it is. So we were taught to "pick a trick". Find something interesting to work with and go with it. In this case I saw the radiating light from the ceiling fixture and knew with a little fill flash I could create a golden crown behind Thomas' head, taking advantage of the color difference between the flash and the tungsten with nothing but a point and shoot. Find it and run with it.


Part of the walk is seeing peripherally. And seeing peripherally is looking everywhere at once. Movement to the side often trips my sensor so I try not to mono-focus even when I've targeted something. There may be something off to the side I don't want to miss. In this instance, with my friend Tom, we were wandering in a small Czech Republic town, and I was looking to the left when I turned to investigate the front of Tom's lens that was just noticeable in my periphery. I admit I asked him to "Hold it", which he did, but the point is "Keep your eyes open!"

Dalles Glyph

iPhotography again. This glyph along the Columbia river begged for a tone of time in the way it was photographed. There are infinite options available to us now for interpreting a subject and infinite ways to choose wrongly as well. Tintype by Hipstagram has been my filter of choice lately. The mind's eye is how we pre-visualize a work. Ansel Adams did it every time knowing he'd be manipulating to a great extent through contrast and toning and choice of paper, etc. So don't be simply puritanical about manipulation. Just be responsible.

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